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How do I choose the right backpack?

What kind of backpack you need depends on what you use it for. If you take him to school, it is important that the backpack offers enough space for your books and lunch. When you go hiking, back ventilation is nice to keep your back cool.
Commuting. A backpack that takes you back and forth to work does not have to be very big. That is why we recommend that you use backpacks of less than 30 liters. So you have enough space for your laptop, a number of business documents and your lunch. Some backpacks have a smart sleeve. This way you easily attach your bag to your trolley.
Traveling. A large backpack with back ventilation comes in handy when traveling. The back ventilation cools your back, which is especially nice when your bag is heavier. In our travel backpacks fit a set of clothes, toiletries and a bottle of drink. 

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